Invitation refused: Email is not allowed for this email provider. Please use another address."

I can no longer invite people to my forum.
When I launch an invitation, it refuses all the type of emails…!:
“An error has occurred: Email is not allowed for this email provider. Please use another address.”

What can i do?

Hello and welcome @Pierre_CARLI :slight_smile:

It looks like you may have added to your list of blocked email domains. Could you check that admin setting and see if it’s the case?


Thank you for your answer, Jammy.,
But it is not the case:

And by the way, I can no longer invite any kind of email, whatever the domain …!
Over the last months, I used to invite people without any problem (we are more than 70 members).
I don’t know what has happened?

Thanks again for you help.


Any answers please?

I’m afraid I’ve been coming up blank for this one. It’s either sneaky, or I’m missing something obvious.

Do you have any other settings you’ve changed away from the default that may be having an influence? Anything particular about your set up at all?

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I don’t remember having done any change…
Is it possible to get the list all the parameters which are not the default one ?

Is there a parameter defining a limit to the number of members?

I got it !!!
It was the “ allowed email domains” parameters .
I filled it by mistake with my own email.
Thank’s a lot for your support…!
:smile: :smile: :smile:


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