Invites not populating Invite URL

Hi Discourse Team!

We recently updated to 2.7.4, and we’re having issues with the invite functionality. It shows up blank, and it doesn’t allow for invites to be sent. Here’s a video: Screen Recording 2021-06-11 at 7.34.48 - Google Drive

I’ve tried toggling settings such as Allow New Registrations, Invite Only, Invite Token, etc.

Can someone help? Am I missing something?


Hey Discourse team,

Can anyone help at all? Not sure what is causing this issue. Here are some screenshots if the video does not load:

Thank you!

Is there any way I can submit a bug report for this to get fixed? We were really excited to use the invite feature only to find it not working on our production site :confused:

Can you try using Safe Mode, to rule out any plugin/theme which could be causing issues?

do you see any error on your browser console? or your forum error logs?
If you inspect the link field how does it look? do you see the invite link in the page source?

what do you have configured in max invites per day?


Hi @cocococosti!

Thanks for your reply. Max invites a day is set to 200, but I’ve played around with it to see if it affects the issue, from 10-200. Here is what the inspect field looks like:

Something strange happens in console though, when I click “+ Invite”, nothing populates, then when I close the invite page where the link should be, I get these errors:

Are they likely related? Please let me know if you’ll need to see the whole error

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Additionally, this is the error I get when I copy the blank URL:

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Anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

Yes (and no :sweat_smile: ), I stumbled upon a similar issue which I believe to be a network problem in my case. There was a storm last night and the network is very laggy, plus I switched on and off a vpn which might have added some other issues, hence the POST request for populating the invite is either very slow or doesn’t come through at all.
I’m on latest as off 2 days ago, and I’m sure the invite functionality is otherwise working.
So maybe a timeout issue ?
The network tab of the console might show you something ?

i am having the same problem