Inviting a group to a message does not trigger a notification mail

When inviting a group to a message, the confirmation message states that the group has been asked to participate. However, even when group members watch the group inbox, no notification mail is sent.


What’s the intention here @sam?


I guess we can do something better here.


Same pb for me
I would like to send message to a group and notify them, but right now, I have to send the message in writing all the pseudos in the field instead of the name of the group to be sure they will receive a notification’s email :confused:

Fixed this in


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Thanks for reopening this topic at my request.

I wanted to suggest adding a group admin setting to toggle notifications when a group is invited to a message. It’s stopping me right now from inviting moderators to a bunch of messages. For this particular group, we all need access to the messages but we do not need to be informed of every message.

Most moderators will have notification level set to normal for this group and will not be expecting a bunch of emails and extra notifications in discourse when invited to messages.

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After a week of using the group inbox for moderators, I am liking it! But it’s still a shame to have every moderator get an email for every single invitation. My strong preference would be to have no notification for moderators. That way I can follow up with a reply mentioning a specific moderator who would then know to take action and give access to the message to all mods, without spamming everyone’s inbox.


Oh, and a bug. I am in the moderators group and inviting moderators to a bunch of personal messages. Weirdly, I myself am notified, including email notifications, by my own invites! I think this is a :bug: as I shouldn’t be getting notifications at all about my own actions. I already know about them… :wink:

(apologies for the series of replies here as I figure this all out…)


Sorry for the delay here as I missed your reply. I fixed the bug in

If I understand your needs correctly, you need to receive new messages but not the other moderators?



The need here as you describe it sounds about right though the details are a bit fuzzy. I don’t mind being notified about group messages but the others find it overwhelming.

Generally in our group we prefer not to be notified when the group is invited to a message by default. Unless we are mentioned in a reply. Typically we mention each other (maybe as a whisper) to let each other know when we need help from someone.

Ah in that case, you could set the default notification level for the group to muted. The notifications are not create if the group has a notification level of muted.