Inviting CC'd users to a topic (or add)

In our installation we have a need to include CC’d users on a topic.

Our sales team frequently forwards emails to our inbox which includes the forwarder but does not include the CC’d users. Now it does appear that a staged user is created unless I am mistaken.

Looking at the receiver.rb src it appears this functionality is pretty much there but doesn’t appear to be inviting the staged users as I would expect.

  1. User forwards email in with in CC.
  2. If is a user --> Invite to topic
  3. If is not a user --> Create staged users --> Invite staged user to topic so abc gets all subsequent posts.

Is this not the intended functionality? Will I need to make a plugin for this? If a plugin is needed, is the raw email content accessible?

Are those topics group messages (PMs) or topics posted within a category? It definitely should work for groups.


This would be a public topic not a group private message.


For topics within a category, should I just make a plugin for that? I just want to ensure I’m not reinventing the wheel :wink:

Yes, you’ll need to write a plugin for that. Invites to a topic are only created when it’s a private message and that’s the intended behavior.



Ah misread it.

Thanks, I’ll “pluginirize” it!

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