Inviting Multiple Users to a Private Message


May I suggest something that could help us save a lot of time.

We’re constantly invite people to a private message and we had to do so by adding one member at a time. [Using the “Add/Remove …” button inside the created private message.]

Strangely, when we create a new message, we can add multiple users [And recently, we’ve noticed that we can copy a list of users] and add them to the “add a user” field. This have saved us a lot of time.

So, can we actually copy a list of members to the field of “Add/Remove …” button when we invite people to a private message as we can do so in the “add a user” field in a new private message?

One more thing:
Does it need to be case sensitive when we write the user name [Captial and Small Letters differences]?
Do you allow 2 members to have the same names? If you don’t, can you make Sam and sam refer to the same user to avoid the many errors this can cause?