iOS 12 users not yet out of the woods (straightdope)

Long story short:

Up until the afternoon of Wednesday, May 11, the Discourse forum https:// boards.straightdope. com worked perfectly on my phone. That afternoon, the message board started only displaying a featureless white screen. The condition persists today.

I am using an iPhone 6 that was then running iOS 12.5.4 (now 12.5.5 which is as far as iPhone 6s can go). I have tried the latest Safari version allowable with 12.5.5, and have tried the latest Chrome version I can install (v. 92.0.4515.90 – needs to be at least v. 100 if my research has been accurate). Have not yet tried Firefox or Opera.

In Safari, I CAN view many of the forum contents with Javascript disabled, but so many forum features are disabled that site navigation is difficult. This is a diversionary for-fun message board, so the level of effort sans Javascript isn’t worth it.

Have already read through to the end of the threads below. If I’m following correctly … after the latest Discourse update(s), Discourse forums ARE, indeed, supposed to work on phones running iOS 12.5.5? Or sometimes yes, sometimes no?

Anything further that I should be considering, adjusting, fixing, etc? I am not a software developer or anything, but I am comfortable going through Safari’s Experimental Webkit Features in the iOS Settings – in fact, I’ve tried several of them, but haven’t hit on anything that worked.

Thanks in advance for any advice or assistance anyone may offer.

We had an iOS12 issue last week which has now been fixed. The fix hadn’t yet been rolled out to straightdope. I’ve just expedited that, so it should start working again now. If it’s still broken, please do let us know.

Note that we will be dropping support for iOS 12 in January:


Thanks for the feedback, @david . Many small aggravations with the ol’ iPhone 6 have been cropping up over the past year or so … so the impending sunset of Discourse support will be one more nudge towards getting a “new to me” phone.

( @codinghorror , I thought you were primarily a member over at the SDMB – didn’t realize you were over here, as well )

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… and we’re back! Thanks for the quick response, @david !

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