iOS 16 web push notifications in 2023

60 days from the release of the first beta is typical for a significant minor release. 15.6 spent 68 days in beta.


The next public beta of 16.4 has just been released:

Hopefully the next one will either be the Release Candidate or the actual release. But of course there might be another round or three.

Getting closer…


Anything’s possible, but I predict at least six beta releases for iOS 16.4. 15.6 had six betas plus two RCs; 14.5 had eight betas. 16.4 is quite large, so I expect lots of churn.

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I still don’t understand this. Don’t you just have to sign up for the free beta program? I’m not officially in the dev program, but I still have the option:

I think he meant that it was the last beta before they would release the production version to everyone, but I’m not sure.


I’ve edited my post to make it clearer - I wasn’t fortelling the end of iOS public betas!!! Just looking forward to it getting out of beta so the masses can get notifications (with some serious coaching it seems).


The 16.4 Release Candidate has just been made live:

Should be up and fully released in a few weeks.


But are the features still behind experimental settings?

They never were?

The only setting discussed above was a change which eliminated the future need for a profile to access developer and public betas.

A device running 16.4 (any beta through RC) has the option to enable notifications on the PWA.

So what was this guide for then?:

“Advanced Settings” :thinking:

I’ve had it working on a couple of sites since the beta dropped, looks like that commit was about checking for the PWA so notifications weren’t offered through Discourse Hub?

Not sure I’m following you. I’m not referring to the Hub or that Discourse commit.

Falco is taking us through the required steps for getting this working and part of that is flipping at least two experimental settings on in Safari. That says to me that this is not fully Productionised atm and if this is still required will be a bit of a support overhead at this stage to guide users through that and to deal with users not having performed those steps satisfactorily then complaining it doesn’t work? :thinking:

I’ve been getting notifications for your responses without enabling that Push API setting.

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So Apple forgot to decommission the settings? Interesting! Perhaps they enabled them by default on an intervening release?

Are you certain your notifications are not coming from the Hub?



I’ve seen that but I had to change the settings. Perhaps they have now changed the default?

I’ve yet to see a pop up banner though btw … all my pop-ups are still coming only from the Hub

The notifications definitely open the PWA.

Maybe in renaming the setting they still refer to an old flag? I’ll do some testing.


Thanks Stephen. That is indeed bizarro! But glad it is working!

As way of an additional test I just upgraded a different handset on a separate icloud account to the 16.4RC.

Enabling notifications within the PWA immediately generated the “Success! Notifications have been enabled” notification.

Looking in Safari’s experimental settings the Push API is not enabled, this setting has not been touched on this handset or on any other device associated with this icloud.

I can’t say I’d it was necessary back when Falco did it as they installed b1 and I only got on the beta bandwagon for b2.


The only issue I have with them is it seems to not buzz my Apple Watch, and sometimes it doesn’t come through at all. I’m not sure if that has to do with Discourse, but it’s probably not expected.