iOS App Notification broken

I just tried to activate notification in the iOS app for a discourse hosted forum. However I get this error message.

The app has all notifications turned on in the iOS settings. Please advise what to do.

You don’t need to manually activate notifications in this way. If you’re using Discoursehub then notifications should work once the site is added and authorized.


Yes, the “Live Notifications” in the user profile are for non-iOS browsers.

@codinghorror @sam I think we should not display this section at all for unsupported browsers. Or, at least, disable it for the DiscourseHub app.


Agree makes total sense to hide this in Discourse Hub.


Cool, done in, removed for all iOS browsers (including DiscourseHub).


Have one issue and one question regarding app for iOS and Android.

  1. I installed DiscourseHub from AppStore and added both this community and my instance of nonprofit for Ukraine, app asked for permissions and I accepted inside an app, but iPhone, as it usually does, didn’t ask me for permissions, so no notifications appear on iPhone… Is it a global bug of an app for iPhone.
  2. I really like Discourse as how it works on Digital ocean droplet, and want to say thanks to developers of Discourse for giving this software as open-source. What about the app for android and iOS? Can it be also white-labelled? What’s the variants of having TTSUA (“Time to SHIFT Ukraine!”) app for both OS’s using code of Discourse?
    And good luck and peace to All!

I think now it shows for iOS even on unsupported browsers: see Live notifications: "Notifications are not supported on this browser. Sorry.".