iOS Discourse app and apex domains

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It seems that adding forums in the !OS app is impossible when the address doesn’t contain a subdomain. I’ve reported the issue there : Impossible to reach Contentful Community forum via Discourse iOS app - Misc Technical Topics - Contentful Community

I may have done something wrong but it worked fine the 11 other forums :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


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You need to check the version of the target site. Unless it is hosted by us it may be out of date and incompatible with the app.

Thanks @codinghorror !
I forward your answer :slight_smile:

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That site is up to date, the issue is that it redirects from to and the app doesn’t handle the redirect well. You can add it with www, that worked for me.


It worked on my side as well indeed. Thank you so much @pmusaraj ! :partying_face:


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