iOS messaging issues with modified material theme

Hey guys. I’m not a dev so please be gentle with me. We’re running a discourse forum with a modified version of the discourse material theme.. On iOS mobile devices we’re encountering the problem that when users want to write messages, the text box does not push the text lines upward as more text is written than there is space available. The effect is that text lines just dissapear behind the keyboard when the max box size is reached. Furthremore the answer button simply doesn’t show up unless you collapse the keyboard.
Our dev has not yet managed to find a fix for it and the error has occured even before we started modifying the theme.

My questions:

  • I was wondering if anybody had had this issue with this particular theme and how it was fixed.
  • If there is no fix, is it possible to simply take that particular code from another theme and replace it with that of ours?
  • If yes, which theme is recommended?

Thanks for your patience and help. It’s been driving our users mad, so we’re eager to fix it.

Did you fork the theme so that you can pull changes from it? Perhaps it’s been updated (but I do not know). If you didn’t fork it, then you should go to the repo and check.

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@pfaffman Thanks for the quick reply. We did fork the theme. However, we’d been using it “out of the box” for over 1.5 years before modifying it and the bug has never been fixed. So my guess is that it hasn’t been fixed.

Would the idea that I had work though? → Taking that sequence of code from the repo of another theme and implementing it on ours?