Mobile DMs - message box is getting cutoff

Anyone else have this issue on mobile? DMs are pretty useless on a phone. This happens on both my smart phones…How to fix?

I’ve seen that happen when there is a custom footer in the theme, where it interacts with the layering of of the chat messages.

Are you able to temporarily switch to another theme and try chat on mobile? That would assist pinpointing if the custom theme is the source.


I really don’t want to switch themes…Pretty active forum to go mucking around like that…Oddly enough, Looking at our site, there is no footer…

It would only be for you, for a moment to check if the chat issue is isolated to the theme.

When you install the theme, only check Theme can be selected by users:

Then, on your Interaction preferences tab, you can switch to a new theme to test:

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 13-11-30 Interface - Preferences - maiki - fnord

That’s what I normally do to debug that, it’s a quick switch just for my account.

If I were worried about folks changing their preferences at that very moment, I might also apply some quick CSS:

.user-preferences .theme {
  display: none;


Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 13-20-47 Interface - Preferences - maiki - fnord


Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 13-20-18 Interface - Preferences - maiki - fnord

That’s one approach to figuring out a fix. :slight_smile:

How are you accessing the sites? Web browser? DiscourseHub? And since you mentioned plural, which kinds of phones?


Thanks @maiki, I have two theme options…light and dark…I tried both on my phone…Same result…Here’s a screenshot of my theme options…Might be the same theme just light and dark?

I’m accessing the site through my phone on a web browser shortcut on my phone’s homepage…Tried that discourse hub app…Not a good experience there and all it does is open my web browser anyway.

@c12gene the problem was partly caused by your custom CSS and partly by the Versatile Banner. I’ve implemented a temporary fix for both issues. Next week or so, we’ll work on properly fixing the Versatile Banner.


@Dax you are awesome…Thank you sooooo much!!!


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