iOS Mobile App Notifications

What infra has to be built? I thought they were either handled by the discourse server itself or OneSignal (I can’t remember which).

We handle notifications for our customer on dedicated infrastructure we host.

The notifications contain data we are allowed to handle, since we host the customers.

Sorry. Was thinking this was a different thread (this one: Whitelisted Discourse app with Push Notifications via OneSignal)

Edit: it’s probably worth noting that the thread I linked has ostensibly solved all of those problems. However, I’ve never done it myself.

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Please consider offering it as a paid service.
There are use cases where notifications are desired, while most of the discussion content (except for the data in the notification) should still remain on private servers.

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We do offer it as a paid service, sign up for our hosting at

+1: using your hosting is not an option, our Discourse-based intranet has to be on premise on our servers. But we would like to “outsource” the notifications.

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I wonder what your data protection officers / legal people think of that. Either they want to keep everything in house, or it does not matter. But we hardly see both at the same time.