iOS: Push notifications for independent sites

I was wondering what the current status on PUSH NOTIFICATIONS on iOS is.


  • DiscoureHub offers push notifications for hosted sites
  • other sites have poll notifications which are unreliable
  • admins can use Pushover
  • Apple might solve this in 2023

As a regular user (no admin) I was wondering what my options are (for a “self”-hosted site). Open to using external services like Pushover, Telegram bot…


I would certainly recommend trying Pushover notifications for size. Let us know how it goes for you.

I just briefly had a look at it

After you created the application, copy the resulting API token to the Discourse admin plugin pages, and enable the plguin.

All users will then be able to add their User keys in their preference → Notifications.

But it seems that this is for admins not for regolar site users right?

The full monty is to deploy to one or both of the app stores using:

But you will almost certainly need an experienced developer to help you with this (if you are not one yourself) and it is not the cheapest option, but it is the most integrated and gives you a marketing spot in the app stores.

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As of today, any Discourse sites have push notifications on iOS provided the user adds the site to their home screen and enabled push notifications.