IP.Board convertor

I saw there are some convertors available for different forum systems, but none is available for IP.Board. Is such a convertor planned?

Probably not planned. Historically, converters have been written on an as-needed basis by the community or by the core team if one of their paying customers requires it.


I’m willing to pay for such a convertor if this is the only option.

OK, you can sign up for the business plan at http://www.discourse.org/buy

According to what’s written in there, I need to pre-pay for 1 year to have migrations. Is that correct? I’m asking because:

  1. I will host the community myself;
  2. because of 1, I don’t want to pay 2400 USD only to have the convertor (no offence, it just don’t worth that much to me if I don’t plan to use the other things that are offered in that plan)

On the other hand, are business clients listed on “Some of Our Customers” section?

[edit] I guess you need to be a well known brand to be listed in there, but it worth asking [/edit]

2400USD is 24 hours of work at a typical contracting rate, that is 3 days of work. Quite typically doing a custom import takes 3 days of work, its just the way it is.

I understand. Thanks for your explanation.