Is auto tagging possible?

(Eddie One) #1


Is there a way to link to a forum appending some query string to get a certain tag?

I ask because we have a lot of young users who often ask how to do blank and then they never mention what game it’s for. We have so many second posts that say “which game?”

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

I guess you have too many games to use categories that way?

Oh, or you could use a category template that includes

game: ...
problem: ..
What I tried: ...

Part of me thinks that learning to ask a decent question is a skill that young people need to learn. Part of me thinks that requiring them to learn that the same way that I did is hazing, so maybe include a template.

(Eddie One) #3

Yeah too many games, 50k. We only make categories for the big hits. Thanks for the suggestion, I will give that a try.

(Eddie One) #4

Poor Ankit :sweat_smile: it’s not working… We need something a little more, a plugin perhaps.


Do you mean something like this?,tag2

I believe tags are restricted to TL3 here on Meta, so the tags won’t show up in the composer if you’re not TL3. But it should work on your site.

(Eddie One) #6

Awesome I will test that. I see someone posted in the correct category today! Even it has a tag. So maybe, there is hope after all.

Edit: Ah just realized our UI is messed up. There is new topic button on the thread page.