Is Discourse banned in any specific countries?

Trying to find out if I can use Discourse for my organisation which has a global scope.

Do you know of a (“un-centralised”) forum platform that is banned anywhere?


I don’t know but I could guess such bans aren’t platform dependent per se. It is matter of wider limiting of use of internet (as seen on conflict areas) or based on content. China is one example and even there Discourse is not banned. Nowadays Russia can be a questionmark too. And so on.

So AFAIK Discourse itself works globally. But content can lead to bans.


The only issue our organisation had was making it accessable for users in China. The platform itself isn’t banned, but the greatfirewall can still be a pain point regarding content distribution. If I remember correctly, it was a CDN/VPN issue which the guys at Discourse worked hard to help us with.

Since about 10 months all users in China have had no trouble accessing our internal platform :slight_smile:


@mtrgrande Discourse is (or is trying to be) decentralised platform and, as such, it is virtually impossible to ban each and every instance of it.

I mean each & every instance is like independent body. You can ban one instance and nothing will happen to Discourse as a brand.