Self-hosting in China any Discouse built-in service blocked

We have a significate forum which we like to migrate to Discourse platform. We would like to self-host in Aliyun cloud to avoid GFW issue. I’m concerned and worried if Discourse platform source code has service request to Facebook/Google or any that blocked from China. If that’s the case, we have to give up to choose Discourse.That’s a pity.


I had recently worked on aliyun for a client and had no difficulty setting up discourse.

Discourse doesn’t make any calls to Facebook or Google except in case you’re using the social logins which are optional.

The source code is hosted on Github and some dependencies are downloaded in the form of ruby gems. Almost everything else is coming from the OS repo. There may be a few items being downloaded from elsewhere but nothing hindered the process of setting up discourse in my experience.


Hi @itsbhanusharma Thanks for reply. how along does your client run their website. Only concern for when we running the site, there’s package in Discourse requesting a outbound request.

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I’m afraid I don’t have a concrete answer for that. I’m not too familiar with all the packages being used by discourse. However, there was no functional impairment in discourse on aliyun except for some slight mods like using china specific template while setting up discourse.


Thank you @itsbhanusharma that makes sense. :+1: Will look into self-host solution.


Aliyun hk is a better choose than the mainland if you want to avoid the gfw only and dont need to care about the beian system. You know sometime is hard to access ruby gem and github repo or any popular internet resource under the gfw.