Is Gleam/JavaScript embed code supported?

Does Discourse supports hosting Gleam giveaways? Gleam provides HTML embed code, but I tried it in a Discourse post and I couldn’t get it to work/display.

The short answer is yes! Everything I see here can be done in a theme component. The amount of work required on your end depends on which method you want to use.


In theory it does yes, but when I put the HTML embed code into a topics post, the Gleam widget doesn’t load.

This is all I see, instead of the Gleam widget. It’s just standard embed HTML provided from Gleam too, which works fine on a WordPress site.

It looks like Discourse doesn’t support JavaScript in Topics.

Is there a workaround?

We do support JS in topics, you just need to write a theme component that decorates the posts according to rules you set.

This will require developer help. I recommend you post in #marketplace