Is is possible to create a topic visible to a specific set of users that don't share any group?

(Joshua Frank) #1

On my forum, I’ve gotten an increasing number of requests for the ability to create a topic that only an exact list of people can see, and these people don’t belong to any convenient group, and one that no one else belongs to. For instance, a bunch of people need to work together on a project and they don’t want other people to be able to see what they’re doing. These users aren’t admins or special in any way, except that they’re doing this one thing together. These projects are ad hoc and I keep getting requests for them.

I know that I could make a one off group and call it “Feb 2016 Foo Project”, and make a category of the same name, and make sure that everyone in the group knows to use only that category, but this seems like an admin and maintenance nightmare.

It would be much more desirable to be able to have a category like “Area 51”, off limits to everyone but admins, and then be able to create a topic called “Feb 2016 Foo Project”, and then grant individual users access to exactly that one topic. Is this possible, or is there another workaround with similar functionality?

(Mittineague) #2

Why not a message instead of a category topic?

(Joshua Frank) #3

I’m not familiar with that. Do you mean a private message? How would that work for >2 people in a group?

(Mittineague) #4

The participants would need to be invited into it, but AFAIK there are no limits as to how many.

(Joshua Frank) #5

Hmm, let me give that a try. Thanks.

(Joshua Frank) #6

That works perfectly. Thanks!

(Régis Hanol) #7