Is it necessary to use Mailgun?

(Stephen) #21

That’s the correct way to implement email. The user here was attempting to use the gsuite SMTP relay to send email from their discourse instance, which is explicitly prohibited by Google. Previously they tried to use a third party relay to send email from the gsuite domain rather than a subdomain, which would prevent gsuite from receiving verification emails.

(Pratik Sinha) #22

I am creating a new droplet
Please give step by step guide on how to configure mailgun directly not gsuite

(Stephen) #23

Please refer to their documentation on how to verify your domain.

There’s no need to tag me directly.

(Pratik Sinha) #24

Ok I will do that
But clarify the subdomain thing please vividly
Whether to use domain and subdomain or how to create subdomain?
I am confused
Please give some guidance on this

(Stephen) #25

If you want to use your domain for both email and Discourse then set up a subdomain for Discourse. I would recommend doing that anyhow in case your needs change in the future.

In which case use your root domain (@) for gsuite and add MX records to a subdomain for Mailgun.

(Pratik Sinha) #26


I don’t want to use gsuite
Only mailgun
How to create subdomain

(Seshank K) #27

Hey @vitorl, would love if you could elaborate on what you did here. Please let me know. This could be a game changer. And please I’m a big big newbie to web development and programming altogether.

(Stephen) #28

He’s talking about doing it the way I outlined above, it’s the same approach.