How to leave a field empty while setting up discourse?

How to leave stmp username and pass blank. I don’t want to assign them.

While setting it for the first time I made a mistake by assigning an email address. Is there anyway to correct this by leaving it blank? And one more doubt

After I make changes to app.yml How do I save the changes?

If you don’t enter anything in the field the value in the[ ] is used.

Please note that gmail is not supported for outbound SMTP. Doing so is against Google’s terms of service and you will very quickly hit rate limits.

Please review the email setup guide: discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

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But when I hit enter, the value get’s stored as again.

Setup requires one admin account, if you’ve created a second unwanted account you can delete it once you’re logged in.

SMTP settings are required for setup, you can’t skip them.


No. basically I am setting up g suite just to get the verification e-mail (while setting up discourse). So I need these two fields to be left blank. Would it be possible?

Why would you need them to be blank if you’re going to use g-suite? That doesn’t make any sense.

Why not set up email correctly to begin with?

I didn’t set it up correctly the first time. Never received an e-mail.

Reason I’m leaving it blank

That doesn’t answer why you would use an unsupported email service over one of the recommended options. Discourse will need working email to function correctly.

Please refer to the official documentation rather than the post linked above. Ignore the post from Crunchify suggesting you use Google Apps, as I’ve already said is a very bad idea.

Hmm how do I set them up. The instructions aren’t clear. I’ve tried using the other providers.

Where is it you’re stumbling?

Are you trying to set up the same domain [] at both google apps and one of the recommended third parties?

You need to use a subdomain for email coming from Discourse, it doesn’t matter what, it just needs to be different. Common suggestions:

And configure the MX records for the mail service routing from your board under that subdomain.

If two separate services are both set up with the same mail domain, they won’t know the other exists to route email there. So, if you had tried to use mailgun at it wouldn’t be able to send email to your google apps mailbox. It would have thought it was

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Thank you. i basically have no idea how to use mailgun.

Step one would be to create a DNS entry for a subdomain to send mail from your Discourse instance. Let’s assume you’re going to use ‘’. That means you’re going to be sending email from


Sign up for MailGun and add as a domain. Leave the window open as it will show you what DNS records we’re going to need to add in the next step.


Open your DNS control panel to create the MX and TXT records. You use NameCheap so it’s at

Because your domain is already set up for GSuite your mail settings should already look like this:

Replicate the DNS entries from Mailgun here, you’re going to need to add two MX records for the discourse subdomain, a CNAME for email.discourse as a subdomain, and two TXT records.

Wait ~10 minutes after creating these records then return to the mailgun window and click to verify the DNS records. If you got any wrong it will let you know. Once you’ve verified your domain use the credentials provided by Mailgun in the setup screen.

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I gotcha. Will do this and if we have any further queries we will be sure to reply on this thread. Thank you so much!

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