Newbie Mailgun Setup Headache

I have an existing website that uses G-Suite, and I’ve set up Discourse on Digital Ocean. I’m at the point after the installation is complete and it wants me to register admin account. I finish and it’s supposed to send to me–but nothing shows up. I must have screwed up the Mailgun set up somewhere. In GoDaddy, I added the two TXT entries…but it doesn’t verify (or see them) in the DNS of Mailgun. After wasting several hours on this, I’m here asking for guidance. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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Hi Jeremy, welcome to Meta!

If Mailgun verification is failing, you’ll need to reach out to Mailgun for help. Unfortunately we don’t have visibility into Mailgun. If Mailgun DNS verification is failing, it’s expected that the email from Discourse will fail.

Once you have Mailgun verification complete, if you’re still having issues, we’re of course happy to help.


Thanks. Yes, it’s the Mailgun set up. I tried reinstalling and same issue. The problem is that I’m new to this and can’t read between the lines–the tutorials skip steps or I can’t read correctly (probably the latter). I’m fairly certain it’s the DNS entries in GoDaddy for Mailgun.

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No worries, we all start somewhere :smiley:. Either GoDaddy or Mailgun should be able to help you out with the DNS setup. I’ve never interacted with GoDaddy support (though I’ve heard pretty good things), my interactions with Mailgun support have all been great. Either one should work.