Is it possible for a user to block another from seeing their posts?

Just got a question from a user about whether or not it’s possible to “fully block” another member. What they’re looking for is the type of block functionality you’d find on Facebook, where they won’t see the offending member’s comments and the offending member won’t see theirs - in other words, it’s as if they no longer exist to each other.

Instead, it appears Discourse’s “Ignore” function is a one-way street, i.e. the user can hide the offending member’s comments, but the offending member can still see the user’s comments and reply/mention at will.

Is that the only functionality available at this time? Thing is, the offending member hasn’t done anything blatantly ban-worthy (at least not yet), but there’s bad blood between them and this user and it probably would be in the interests of forum peace for them not to be able to see each other or interact in any way.

Right. Got what you describe you’d need to have each user block the other. And make sure that neither visits the forum when they are not logged in (unless the forum is login - required).

The forum is login-required, but sadly, this is a case where User A wants to become invisible to User B since the latter won’t respect a “don’t engage with me again” type request. That’s why I was hoping for some sort of equivalent to the Facebook block feature where the Blocker and Blockee become invisible to each other. Is there a plugin that could do this?

If someone isn’t respecting a request not to engage then you should be banning them. That’s harassment.

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