Can I block a user from seeing another user's posts in my Discourse community?

Is there a way to block a user from seeing another user’s posts in my Discourse community? I run a community with members that disclose sensitive information and there’s concern when someone they know joins the community. I’d like to protect them without banning their connection. Is there a way to hide one users participation in the community (posts/comments/activity) from another?

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Users can ignore other users at trust level 2 or higher. When a user is ignored, their posts no longer appear (for that user who ignored them).


I think what she means is User1 doesn’t want User2 to see their posts. If User1 ignores User2 that will just prevent User1 from seeing User2’s posts, but User2 will still be able to see User1’s posts - and that’s what they are trying to avoid.
If an admin were to go into User2’s preferences and manually add User1 to their list of Ignored Users, that would work… but it could also open up a Pandora’s Box should User2 realize what was done to their preferences.


Yes this is exactly the scenario I am trying to facilitate @JimPas , thank you for articulating so well for me :slight_smile: seems like this may be a solution, but like you say a bit sneaky, discoverable and reversible.