Is it possible to add posts to a profile?

hello, im wondering if it possible to have the user the ability to make a personal posts in his profile, such like vb,xen,etc…

IDK if it possible or not.

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Hi :slight_smile:
It’s not possible without coding a custom plugin and as far as I know, not planned either.

Edit: see below : :point_down:

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Whilst that’s true, there is a similar functionality available from Theme Components.

There is the “portfolio” function of:

which creates a page of user posts based on specific tag or Category slug (set centrally by the admin), that highlights a users Topics which are tagged with the chosen tag (or posted in that Category). The user can thereby highlight Topics they are proud of in this special section. You can basically “curate” this by adding this tag to those Topics of yours you want to include (or moving them to the associated Category).

You get to it by hitting the “Portfolio” button on the User Card:


CDCK flattered me by copying this functionality (whose idea was originally @bartv’s) and deploying a less complex, stand-alone functionality in this theme component (would have appreciated a credit for Bart & I btw, I’m always careful to include one):

Thereby providing the option of this behaviour without the additional functionality of TLP.


Without adding a custom plugin or theme component, Discourse allows users to set a Featured Topic from their profile page:

A link to the featured topic appears on the user’s profile page and user card:

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