Is it possible to archive entire categories, not just the topics/posts within them?

Hello! I am interested in archiving entire categories - not just the posts within them. I have looked at about 10 different posts in this forum trying to figure out but am still stumped.

I realized you can archive topics with the bulk select feature, but what if you want to do entire categories? Is it possible to make a “archive” category with a bunch of old archived categories within? How would one go about doing so?

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There’s no concept of archiving categories at the moment, only individual topics.

The best way would probably be to change the permissions on the categories so only staff can see them (it’s the security tab in the category edit modal)… they’d effectively be archived because normal users wouldn’t be able to see or interact with them.

Otherwise you could create an “Archive” category and make it the parent category of the categories you want to archive. One big issue with that are subcategories. Discourse currently only allows one level of subcategory, so if the categories you want to archive have subcategories… you wouldn’t be able to keep that hierarchy when moving them into the “Archive” category.


Thank you very much, @awesomerobot. I think making an ‘archive’ category with a bunch of archived sub-categories is my best bet here. Much appreciated!! :slight_smile:


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