Is it possible to edit plugin components?

Hey folks -

We utilise the discourse-solved plugin in our community, and we’d like to make it more clear from the topic index list pages (latest, category,new, etc… pages.)

When a topic is solved it has the checkbox visible in the title:

…But we’d like to either make that more bold, or coloured to highlight the solved topics.
Essentially we want to make it as simple as possible for our users to find answers.

Is it possible using the theme editor to alter the appearance of this component? as it’s a plugin component I am skeptical about that.

Alternatively, are there any other suggestions for achieving this goal?

Thanks in advance,

If it’s only css you can edit anything from your theme.

What have you tried so far?



Currently very little - the appropriate CSS classnames/ids are unclear from here:

(or elsewhere in the discourse-solved repo form what I can see)

So while CSS changes in the theme are easy enough - I’m pretty new to discourse themes & plugins so I’m not sure the best/easiest way to find the appropriate attributes to target in my theme.

Easiest solution is to inspect generated html using your browser console. This way you will get exact classnames you want to change.


As said Joffrey, you can play with the browser inspection console.

Do you have already in mind what you would change?

If just the color, possible example:

If you don’t know how to apply CSS changes for your theme, this link should help you: Beginner's guide to using Discourse themes


Thanks all, got this figured out :smiley:

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