Is it possible to get feeds from advanced searches or tag intersections?

I’m curious if there is a way to get a feed, RSS or otherwise, from an advanced search? (Which could include tags etc) If not, I suppose this is a feature request. It would be really great if each search provided a little RSS icon on the page for itself so that we wouldn’t have to be knowledgeable about how to compose the URL in such a way that it would point to a feed.

I see that there are RSS feeds for tags, and categories… and that there is an “intersection” feature for composing URLs that return only the intersection of multiple tags… But it doesn’t seem I can add .rss on to the end of these URLs in the way I can with tags… Maybe I’m just missing something? This would a nice step towards the more advanced feature request above regarding feeds for any search.


Saved Searches Plugin will give you a topic (with a corresponding RSS feed) for each saved search.


Can these topics be publicly accessible?
Thank you