Is it possible to import a Discourse backup as a category inside an alredy existing discourse isntance?

Hello here !

First, thank you for this awesome tool, it change my remote working routine a lot :wink:. Now I want Discourse everywhere !

Currently I work as a freelance with a partner on a bug project. We use discourse for teams as a central discussion point. Unfortunatly my partner company will die soon, I just contacted the final customer to work with him directly.

On my side, I already have a discourse instance with some content in it (specific categories and posts, important notes…). I know that it’s possible to backup the teams content (and already do it) but it’ll be a postgresql backup.

For sure, I can import this backup inside a blank discourse install but is it possible to import all the Discourse for teams content inside a specific category of my current discourse instance ?
This current discourse instance is a self hosted one so I can install custom tools if required. I searched and didn’t found anyone who already encountered that issue here.

Maybe I’ll need to export/import the content in another format than the SQL one…



You can use the functionality for category export and import. Since it’s a command line tool you will be unable to use it from your Discourse for Teams instance. But this will work:

  • Create and download a backup from your Discourse for Teams instance
  • Restore it into a self-hosted temporary forum
  • Move all categories you want to keep into a single category
  • Create a category export file using the command line
  • Import it as a category into the destination forum
  • Delete the temporary forum

Hello @RGJ !

Thank you for your answer, it’ll be the correct approach for me :+1:.

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