Is it possible to include TikZ package?


Thanks a lot, the discourse extension is amazing. I juste have a little question (for a big problem). Is it possible to include TikZ package ? When I enter the following code in my message, it is not launched…

\draw (0,0)- -(1,1);

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No, I don’t believe this is possible with the Discourse Math plugin. Neither MathJax nor KaTeX support Tikz, though both have longstanding GitHub issues requesting such support. Much more recently, a project built on WebAssembly has popped up that claims to offer Tikz in the browser, though I’ve never tried it. Perhaps, that could be incorporated into this plugin or a new plugin. Given the wide range of options for getting figures into Discourse, though, I don’t see it as a priorty.


Mhhh I see, thanks for the precise answer !

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