Is it possible to invite users from Admin account in level 1

I want to invite users through their email from my personal account means admin account. But I want them to TL-0 or 1 not mod. or leader.

Is it possible to do that.

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Yes, Once your website is out of bootstrap mode, All invites sent will default to TL0 TL1 Unless specified.

EDIT: please reconfigure default_invitee_trust_level from the admin panel


And yes, my site is out of bootstrap mode.

One more thing…I am using sendgrid for email configuration but all of the invitation email I sent are going to 'Promotion" Every single email.

That has to do with sendgrid or your mail client.


No, the default trust level for invited users is TL1.


Okay apologies!

It can be configured with the setting
From the admin panel and I didn’t really remember when I set it to 0

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