Is it possible to locally host Discourse?

I want to host discource locally just to test the forums, I don’t have a card to verify with atm so I can’t use the discource free trial. But is it possible and how would I accomplish that?

It is possible. We have guides under the #dev-install tag.

You can also create an account at to test things out a bit.


If you have a computer with at least 3GB’s of available RAM (google how to find RAM if you need it) just use an app like Virtualbox, install Ubuntu Server 18.04 and follow the Official Installation Guide to get your own copy of Discourse up.

Note: This install is in production mode and should be a bit faster than a dev install.

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Yeah, I would do that however I mainly just want to test out the administrative perks.

For that you don’t really need to install it. Just check out a the #howto:admins posts for an idea of what admins can do.