Is it possible to remove "Why not create a topic?" link for users, who don't have permission to create posts?

So I have the latest on the Moment Discourse installed (2.5.0.beta6). My options prevent a user from creating new topics, but at the bottom of the screen, there is a link “Why not create a topic?”, which brings “create a new topic” Dialogue. But this dialogue doesn’t work as expected. This is discouraging for users who wrote some text but found after that they can’t send it.

Is it possible to remove “Why not create a topic?” link?


I’m tempted to call this a bug, but putting it in #ux for now. We hide the :heavy_plus_sign: New Topic button, the link should be hidden too.


For full context, the issue here is with the min trust to create topic site setting. Category security permissions, which was my initial suspicion, works as expected (no link for users without create permission).

We’re working on a fix.


This should fix the min_trust_to_create topic issue

Thanks for reporting it @40_02 :+1:


@Johani, @jomaxro, you are awesome!!! I was thinking about posting this question much-much longer than it took for you to investigate the problem and create PR. I have no words to express my admiration the way you are supporting discourse! You definitely make this world a better place! Thank you!!! :pray::heart: