Visually Disable Features that aren't Available at a Given Trust Level

We have pretty low thresholds for moving to Trust Level 1, but we are still getting frustrated feedback from users who are not yet able to create a topic but don’t realize until after they compose their post.

Is it possible to provide clearer indication to users who do not have appropriate permissions prior to starting a task? For example, if a user is not able to create a topic, the create topic button would be disabled and if they tried to access it they would get an optional trigger about trust levels and such.


What’s something easy we could do to improve this @eviltrout? It is kind of cruel to let someone compose a topic then on submit… psych!


That’s odd because the UI to create a post should not be available until you reach that trust level. For example on Boing Boing you must be TL2 to create a new topic and there’s no UI on the screen to create a topic until that happens.


Sorry about the confusion @codinghorror. After looking into it some more I realized that the frustrated comments about not being able to post are actually from users confused by the absence of a New Topic button. They end up clicking into a topic and the only option they have is reply. I don’t suppose there are any ways to call it out to users that there is a New Topic button, but in order to use it you will have to reach Trust Level whatever.

Definitely not critical. Just looking for ways to better educate users on trust levels and permissions.