Is it possible to sticky a post in a topic?

the 1st post of each topic i’ve posted a workflow and users guide to the topic. after 300+ comments no-one is ever going to browse to the top and read it. is it possible to sticky the top post so it is always visible?

No but I suggest closing the topic if you don’t want people to reply to it.

You could link to a second topic for discussion.

i want people to reply to it, but that 1st post to be visible for anyone new joining in the discussion

When new users click on a discussion they will always be automatically brought to the beginning of the topic.
If they access a second time they are automatically brought to the point where they have stopped reading or at the end if they have already read all the replies.

Could be valid only if the first post is composed of two or three rows. If the OP is a long post you have to cut it and it would not make sense to have something incomplete always under your eyes.

You can try to expand/close/group the OP with a button …if users find it.

But at this point it’s best if a user learns to click on the topic title or to use the timeline on the right.