Is it possible to use theme component from local folder (as plugin) - for local development?

To work on a custom theme component I want to reload it from the local folder without an installation process from git or .tar.
Is it possible? Which path/folder should I use?


Sure, you can use the discourse_theme gem

There’s also a guide that will help you get started here


If it’s somehow not clear, this solution is what the OP requested except better. It’s a fantastic tool.


thanks @Johani It’s even better than I expected!

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@pfaffman Yes. OP was asking something whether themes can add as a local folder and application can take it. The same thing is achievable for plugins like plugins/plugin-name/.... Is there any option for theme like this. For example themes/theme-name/...

You put the theme in any folder you like. Running discourse_theme watch <path> then watches it for any changes and uploads them to the site on deltas. That is the solution.