Is it possible to use two servers for same domain or database clone?

Dear Team,

Is it possible to host 2 different databases for same domain in different server machines? or is it possible to auto clone the database backup in different server machine?

or is it possible to host same domain on different server machines? so when one is down then auto route to secondary?

It’s not a supported solution, but one way to do that appears to be

edit: … except that seems to install pg9, which is odd because there is a commit in February, but that was a year ago, so maybe this isn’t a good idea. Or BDR is now supported without such heroic efforts. But I think that this isn’t the go-to place for advice on advanced Postgres configuration.

Yes, you can have multiple servers talking to the same database behind some kind of load balancer or dns pointing to both. But this isn’t the place to get advice on load balancing

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PostgreSQL BDR isn’t a supported database for Discourse, and it’s a deprecated project (the open source version of it).

What you are asking about is named “High Availability” and there are a couple of topics about it:

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