Is /my URL routing considered a secret hidden feature?

Continuing the discussion from Link to /last post in topic no longer works after recent updates:

In documentation for our users, we frequently use URLs with /my to make it easier for users to jump to their preferences, profiles, etc. For example:

Instead of:

Is using /my in URLs considered a secret hidden feature (like /last) that might be depreciated in the future?


I hope it won’t go away!

No /my is not a secret feature. We use it for the private messages a user receives when they sign up amongst other places.


The issue is that relying on a feature that we don’t use anywhere in “normal” Discourse is bound to break. But we do use /my/ as pointed out by @eviltrout.

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I did a quick search on meta for /my/ and didn’t see it listed anywhere which is what got me worried. But sounds like we’re in good shape for /my/. Thanks!