Link to /last post in topic no longer works after recent updates

Posting a link to the last post within that topic by using /t/topic-slug/123/last used to work great, but it seems to be broken after a recent update.

Entering the url in the address bar still works and will take you to the last post, but clicking on the link will just redirect you to the first post.

example on try.discourse:

go to the last post on this topic:

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It’s working fine with the last Chrome version:

yeah, clicking on the link from here or adding the /last to the url manually works, but it doesn’t work if you go back to the first post and click from there (it used to work until some recent update).

Added a link to go to the last post on this topic and it doesn’t seem to work when clicked.

I don’t know that we use this anywhere in Discourse any more. What is your use case?

Is it no longer officially supported?

It was a nice little feature on some of our longer topics.

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I am leery of supporting secret hidden features not actively used in Discourse. They will break…

Any chance this could be officially supported? I know we have the top and bottom buttons on the progress bar, but the ability to link directly to the last post without having to know the post number used to be a really convenient feature and actually worked really great for us!

Some of our topics have a wiki post at the top so we’ll often put a /1 to let the user jump to the top to reference info in the wiki and also have another /last on that first post to let users quickly jump back down to the last post.

Another useful place where we used the /last was on our topic that we use as a chatroom, where users would sometimes just want to jump to the very bottom.

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Up to you @eviltrout – is this easy to fix?

It wasn’t an intentional regression, but we let this functionality slip at some point recently. Here’s a fix: