Is necessary to have a wordpress blog?

I would like to use WordPress plugin in my brand new community,
but is necessary to have a blog in order to user the plugin?
this plugin let me setup a blog or is just a bridge btw WordPress and the community?

What are you trying to do with Wordpress exactly?

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I saw the blog inside discourse web page, and its simple, something like it would be great in my community.
create a blog, share info, a place where people is able to find fix information.

so, what can I do with WordPress plugin?

There’s a description of the plugin on it’s WordPress repo page, but looking at it now I see that it’s not as clear as it could be. I’ll see if I can improve it. The easiest way to do that might be to link to a Discourse topic in the description so that screenshots could be included with the description’s text. What a lot of other plugins seem to be doing is creating videos to give an overview of the plugin’s functionality.

The main goal of the plugin is to move commenting on WordPress posts from WordPress to Discourse. It does this by allowing you to publish WordPress posts to Discourse, and optionally to display a selection of the post’s top comments underneath the post on WordPress. For a user to add a comment to a post, they must go to the topic on the Discourse forum.

The plugin also has SSO (single sign on) functionality that allows you to either manage Discourse users through WordPress, or manage WordPress users through Discourse. Managing Discourse users through WordPress could be useful if you add a forum to a WordPress site that already has a large user base. Managing WordPress users through Discourse could be useful if you want to add some functionality that’s available in a WordPress plugin to your Discourse forum. For example, if you wanted to associate an online store based on the WooCommerce plugin with your Discourse forum.

As a general rule, SSO functionality should not be enabled unless you have a reason to do it. If you just want to try out the plugin’s commenting functionality, the best way to see what it does is to install the plugin, create a protected category on your forum, try publishing a few posts to it, and see if this is something that could be useful for your site.


thank you so much, now it’s clear for me. I though it would be some kind of blog adding to the forum.
I’m just staring my community, and for now I don’t have any WordPress account.
So Later and depend of the community I’ll try it.

Thank you so much

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