Is the default privacy policy updated for the GDPR and can I leave it as is?

I‘m setting up a Discourse instance for a community in Germany. Going through the documents the default installation generated, I find the privacy policy, but at least the german version says:

Dieses Dokument ist als CC-BY-SA lizenziert. Es wurde zuletzt aktualisiert am 31. Mai 2013.

Which translates to

This document is licensed as CC-BY-SA. It was last updated on May 31st, 2013.

Does this mean the default privacy policy does not take into account GDPR, which became law and became applicable much later?

Can I expect the german version of the default privacy policy to comply with all current regulation in Germany? I have a hard time creating my own, as I don’t know all the things Discourse is doing.

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We have written an extensive document about the GDPR with respect to Discourse forums. It’s more about what you are doing with Discourse.


Our privacy policy at Privacy policy | Discourse - Civilized Discussion takes into account GDPR.


@michaeld Thank you, the GDPR document is really helpful!

@HAWK I can see that this privacy policy takes into account GDPR. Does that mean the German translation was just simply never updated?

I suspect that is the case, yes.

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The stock privacy policy that comes with Discourse hasn’t been updated since 2013 even in English. I don’t know how it would need updating, if it even really does.

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