Is the native app template Lexicon still usable?

Hello. These days I have been trying to build an app following their documentation. (Context: I don’t know building apps.) Unfortunately, I didn’t make it. I ran into never-ending errors. Graphql API server up but not able to interact with it as described, Expo go unable to connect to the local development server… So I checked and checked and searched around to make sure that I did comprehend the steps right, until I saw the issues page of the project on Github, realizing that this project may have been not under maintenance since Oct 2021. Unlike before knowing this, I feel so hopeless in front of those errors now.

I wonder if there’s still anyone here at Meta having a Lexicon app running? Maybe there exist some issues in Lexicon causing errors? Or if there’s no problem in Lexicon and somebody’s having it running perfectly, could you share some thoughts on how did you make it work? Is there something that may be not well explained in their documentation that I should pay attention to?

I find topics about Lexicon are quite bizarrely rare on meta by the way. (why? Lexicon seems to be an excellent solution for those who want an app for their discourse site. :thinking:

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