Temporarily Close after last reply

I noticed we can close topics based on the last reply

What I would like to see is closing a topic temporarily for X hrs/mins after each reply.

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The topic timer can already do this partially as it shows different options for a topic that has already been closed:


Can you tell us a bit more about your use case for closing a topic repeatedly after any replies?

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But can this be done automatically after each reply?

I like this feature for creating a slow-chat functionality. Also I have topics for customers where they can report service downage and there is no need to have more then 1 report each 30 minutes, for example. Manually moderating this all is a pain and rejecting posts is not the most friendly thing to do because people do it with good means. So closing after each reply for a short time would be perfect.

A per topic, all users, slow mode? (Normal slow mode is only “per user”, not all users)

Yes, kinda. But I would like to refer to this feature as adding ‘Close based on last post’ as the ‘When’ under the ‘Close Temporarily’ option located under Topic Timer within each topic.