Is there a live communication element to Discourse? More like IRC than forum

Is there a live or private communication element to Discourse? More like IRC or chat than forum?

There are personal messages (which can have multiple participants, if required) - or you can set up private categories.


See also:

(as suggested in another topic related topic)

or have a look at Babble:


There’s a recent blog post from our very own @erlend_sh that goes into detail here.

TL;DR we integrate tightly with chat, but we aren’t chat. The unit of work in the chat is the word. the unit of work in Discourse is the sentence and ideally the paragraph. Different beats.


Yes, we are building this now for 2.9. Timely bump… :stopwatch:


I assume it was bumped because of Discourse Chat?

No, it was a random bump. All the bumps are random (as long as the topic is open, and old enough / hasn’t been bumped in long enough).

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Oh, so it was just a coincidence then. Never mind… :thinking: