Is there a media library for looking at all uploaded Images and their URL?

I have two questions:

  1. How can I upload a new logo or replace existing one on the already active discourse forum?
    Currently, i see this in settings:

    There is no button to upload a new image?

  2. Is there a way to see ALL uploaded images on our Discourse forum? I mean something like ‘Media library’ in wordpress?
    I am not sure how do i upload a new image and get the image URL to paste it logo settings?

Can somebody help?

To upload and replace just use the wizard again, https://your.domain/wizard
The other question with media galery is a good one, I also would like to know :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I will change the logo while waiting for somebody to answer the media library question.

It is important to get the image URL if we want to share it at other platforms.

For the logo it will be easy anyway, after re-upload you see it in admin.
And other images you should get the url with right click on it. Actually they should be available for share on other servers too - crossdomain.


There is no media library UX. You could use the data explorer plugin to select all of the uploads.


It would be nice to see a list of uploads, sorted by file size, with link to the post uploaded to. That way we can identify large files that might need removal or handling.

I think this topic has been covered before and I don’t recall where those conversations ended up… except that there is no functionality in the ui for managing uploads.


Given there are hard (and fairly low) upload limits out of the box, I am not sure this would be as useful as you think?

Yes, it would be great to have a UI to manage uploads, sort of like a Wordpress Media library. Is this being developed?

It seems like you can get all the file uploads from the data explorer plugin (and a report lists file uploads also), and the UI is pretty good. So I guess they really do have a pretty functional media library already. A programmer should be able to write a plugin to do more with these files.

Mostly they are self managed. It’s there a problem you’re trying to solve?

Well we are in the process of moving (or trying to move) a large Wordpress community to Discourse, so there is alot of functionality with uploads (and other things) we are trying to accomplish, as our community is very image intensive.

For example, the Topic List Previews plugin is amazing, but it only allows you to choose topic list previews from images at are already associated with a topic or its posts. But what if you want to use an image that already has been uploaded to another topic as the preview? You can’t do that easily. What if an admin wants to insert an image into a topic from an image that has already been uploaded to another topic? You can’t do that either easily, without going to the data explorer and getting the URL and pasting back into the editor (as the editor doesn’t allow you choose an image from the already uploaded images). Also, occassionally admins need to edit uploaded images for various reasons, but there is no easy way to do that either. These are just a few of the issues. For now we can work around it, but over time I guess we’ll program some things to make the management easier and provide more functionality.

I see. If you need help moving your WordPress forum, I might be able to help. Migrate to Discourse Discussion Platform from your current formum software.

The reason that no one has made such a media library is that those things get managed automatically. For example, if you upload the same image twice, it doesn’t make a another copy, as it checks a checksum.

Right click and Copy the image url from that topic. You could also look at the raw post and copy the code that inserts the image.

Download the image, edit, upload again. Delete the old image. The only time it would be a big problem is if that image was in a bunch of topics and you wanted to change the image in all of them. I’m not quite sure how to accomplish that.

Thanks very much. Didn’t realize about the checksum. Interesting. We’ll reach out to you. We are still in the development stage now and the learning curve is high, but we are making progress.

As for your suggestions, yes, this is exactly what we are doing now. But right click and copying, downloading/editing is not really user friendly or scaleable. It would be much easier to click on an upload icon and see existing images, and insert (for admin only). The Topic List Previews plugin does this very well for the topic itself, but not when you want to use other images.

Perhaps @bartv has some suggestions. has a few images.

We have never had a need for such functionality. TLP is all we use.