Is there a nice GH badges (ala images) design to put in README to link from GitHub to our hosted discourse?

As the title says.

I am looking for something like these:

…but for discourse. Is there one?


Let’s see if @erlend_sh has ideas here?

1 Like allows you to create custom badges; e.g.


Feel free to investigate how to get Discourse added to the official listing:

No need for any API interaction; it should be static.

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Thanks! Will see what I what I can help w adding an official badge.

Meanwhile I think this will work nicely:

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Without API interaction, there is no need for having it appear on

Here’s the markdown code that should work:


The rendered results look like this:

The verbiage can be changed in the svg URL (e.g. discourse-online-green.svg could be discourse-forum-blue.svg)


Before this though we need to get travis into a much happier state, it is still way too flaky. Some tests need love. I did see a random segfault yesterday on travis not sure how we would recover from that and keep the build green.


Is there an API endpoint that will tell us the current state of the app? I ask because it seems that Travis only represents latest master right? I wonder if this badge needs to indicate latest master status or the status of their own instance.

What does this have to do with the status of travis? The OP just wanted some flair to put in the readme of their project (a “click here to join our forum” type button). I fail to see why that would have to include the build status of discourse/discourse.

Related to the travis flakiness. Have y’all considered CircleCI? It is not 100% without fault but it is considerably more stable than travis.

1 Like will give you 200 when the app is up and operational. will give you basic information that can be useful in a badge, like, number of posts in the last 7/30 days (which is kinda of equivalent to online users in a async communication platform like Discourse)


This is ideal. With the page (visible for all installs), having it exist on would make sense.

I’ll go ahead with this and create a PR


I submitted a PR to badges/shields


Nice, I think the “users” one carries the most weight if you have good number of users!


@sam Do you know if there are many discourse hosts in the wild that are not using https? My PR to shields assumes they all are. This is likely a poor assumption.

If the HTTP request library that use handles redirects, you can set it to http and it will work for http and https.

If not, defaulting to https only should be good enough. We do everything in the discourse-setup script to make it as easy as possible.


Perfect. Thanks @Falco!

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Wow, you guys rock! Thanks @coderberry !

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Would anyone know why it shows as invalid for us?

Discussion Forum

Meanwhile, you can see that is live. :thinking:

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