Is there a page to see all the Discourse badges?

Hey people,

I’d like to see all the badges that Discourse offers, but I can’t seem to find any web with that info. Does someone know where I could find all the Discourse badges?

You mean there are some which are not listed on the /admin/badges page? :thinking:

Each instance has a public page at /badges

For example Discourse Meta

Note that this also contains badges added to the individual site. You could check a fresh install to see the badges which ship as standard.

1 Like could be a good example, right?

This is a surprisingly trickier question to answer than you’d think. Perhaps it would be good to make a list in #documentation :thinking: Even Try has a couple of extra ones from plugins.

I think I have 80% of a list somewhere. Let’s see if I can flesh it out. :slight_smile:

Edit: Currently the only extra plugin one on Try is ‘First Reaction’, so it’s a pretty good basic list. :+1: Though if you’re reading this later and see badges for Solutions then they are also from a plugin. :slight_smile: