Age-restricted category

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to make a category age-restricted? For example, only users who are over 18 can read and post topics in this category.

Thanks in advance!

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It’s possible using group memberships, but a better question is how you verify age.

How are you going to check the age of your users?

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Thanks for the answer!

I think a custom user field would be enough to check the age

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So what stops a minor from entering an age which makes them older? And if they can do that, how does that constitute age-restriction?

If i’m not mistaken, almost all websites / services (even those containing 18+ content) check user’s age the similar way.

Anyway, making a category age-restricted makes accessing the age-restricted content harder for minors, as they would need to register and confirm they are over 18 by entering their birth date.


How would you go about setting up the group memberships and a custom user field for birthday? I have this same need but for younger age group. Would the group membership be via a 3rd party membership page or directly through Discourse?