Is there a plugin to add a 'how to' notes to certain areas of the site for users visiting that area for the 1st time

We’re using Discourse in a fairly unique way and want to be able to have thread specific guides for users who visit each thread for the 1st time. I imagine this like a frosted box over an element, like the kanban plugin, with a few quick notes so a user knows how they can use it.

has anyone made a plugin that does this, or something along these lines?

thank you

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Kinda like the demo of ?


I LOVE that feature. That is perfect!

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Good call @Falco, that’s beautiful thank you. Do you think it’ll work over Discourse out of the box?

@danyalamriben you stalker !:rofl::rofl:

Out of the box? No. That is a library.

However, a developer familiar with front-end can certainly pull it off.


That’s awesome! @danyalamriben Arty would probably be best for that :slight_smile: