Is there a URL for just log-in, and another for log-in/sign-up?

I’d like to have 2 URLs available:

  • Login
  • Login & Sign-up

Is this possible? The use-case is for the iOS single site app I’m building. I want people to only be able to log-in via the app, and able to sign-up outside the app. and will work to trigger the pop-up, or are you looking for a separate full-page login/signup (those don’t exist at the moment)


/login has a sign-up button. I do not want this. Can I hide it with CSS?

Yes, this works

.login-modal #new-account-link {
    display: none;

One option is to detect the app’s user-agent with JS and add an app-specific class to the html tag… then you could only apply that CSS to the app (I’m sure there are other ways to approach it too).


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